Computational Solid Mechanics Laboratory 本文へジャンプ

Faculty members

Professor  Mitsutoshi Kuroda  (Dr.Eng.)  

Areas of interest Computational mechanics, Mechanics of elasto-plasticity, Engineering material
Key words Plasticity, Geometrically necessary dislocation, Strain gradient, Size effect, Deep drawing
Research themes The development of large strain plasticity constitutive equations, Mechanics of materials at the micron scale, etc.
Tel +81-238-26-3211
(common to professor's room and students' room)
Teaching subjects Strength of Materials, Finite Element Method, Computational Elasto-Plasticity, Fundamental Strength of Materials
Pet saying Smaller is stronger! Why? How to model the behavior?

Course Name Research theme
Master 2nd year K. Narisawa
Y. Higuchi
H. Matsui
T. Yabara
Master 1st year  S. Aita
A. Ikeda
S. Koike
Bachelor 4th year T. Satoh
Y. Shigihara
R. Shimada
T. Suzuki
Y. Nagaoka
Y. Nagasawa