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Axial crush behavior of a thin-walled cylinder

We conduct experimental studies as well.
(A microbend test)

making an experimental device at a machine shop

Students have chances to give their presentations at some academic meetings.

Very comfortable atmosphere and cleaned room.

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We conduct studies on plastic materials, plastic deformation and plastic working, having the following overall concepts:

  • The development of the crossover field of "mechanics of material" and "material science" and its systematization

  • The development of new methods to design engineering materials based on mechanics and material science

Major features of our lab are:

  • we conduct experimental studies as well as numerical studies with FEM simulation.

  • we have strong relationships with our lab's graduates and therefore hold our lab reunion regularly.

What's new?

 2008/Oct/11(Sat) Held a laboratory reunion

 2008/Aug/24(Sun) Prof. Kuroda attended ICTAM 2008

 2008/Apr/15(Tue) Held welcome party for new members

 2008/Mar/7(Fri) Students made presentations at a meeting

 2008/Feb/12(Tue) Web site opened to the public

Deep-drawing of an Al-alloy sheet
(point with a mouse)
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